Premium Income Alert by Profits Run

Premium Income Alert is an investment advisory service that focuses on weekly trading opportunities, fulfilled by Profits Run's co-founder and expert trader, Bill Poulos. Specific recommendations, made early each week, are formulated by extensive analysis and screened through a list of strict conditions.

Using Bill Poulos's sophisticated (yet simple) risk management practices (utilized in all Profits Run programs), Premium Income Alert allows investors to generate a monthly income via responsible options trading, with most trades lasting 30 calendar days, and typically focused around the top 10 U.S. large-cap dividend-paying stocks – the ones most investors want to own.

Because these stocks are so desirable, they serve as a "first line of defense" for many portfolios – something that Bill Poulos recognized early in his investing career, and especially when he co-founded Profits Run. That also makes them highly valuable, and over time, investors have rewarded the issuing companies for their continued performance. Whenever an opportunity arises for dividend-seeking traders to buy one of the ten best stocks in the United States, they tend to jump on it immediately.

Sadly, the window to generate income from these stocks often closes before most investors realize it, leaving them feeling disappointed when they get temporarily "locked out."

But with Profits Run's Premium Income Alert, Bill Poulos monitors these stocks at all times, checking to see if they fall in range of becoming "income-generating" – a benefit that most investors overlook, despite it being so valuable.

Even for those of us that aren't nearing our retirement years.

However, those of us that are approaching retirement (or in retirement) and want to pocket some extra cash are simply leaving money on the table by missing out on the short-term trading opportunities that appear every week.

And in addition to identifying which stocks to trade, Premium Income Alert members learn about the strategies used to leverage those opportunities for a weekly "paycheck." These are strategies that can be applied to both IRAs and general brokerage accounts, so long as it involves using a low fee (or no fee), reputable broker.

Best of all? These strategies don't require a large account size. For credit spreads, an options trading technique that takes advantage of a specific movement in an underlying security's value, most brokerages only need a $2,000 account balance to get started.

Premium Income Alert also uses several other simple options trading strategies to produce income-generating trades, including vertical credit spreads, where the option sold is more expensive than the option bought. This strategy has a small capital requirement as well, making the minimum account size needed to use it relatively low.

Although, because the account size requirements are minimal for credit spreads, that means the margin (or leverage) can get quite high, making risk management very important when it comes to this kind of trading.

Thankfully, Premium Income Alert uses strict risk management techniques to prevent losing trades (which do happen from time to time, no system generates 100% winners) from getting out of control – something that can drain the accounts of inattentive traders rapidly.

Members of Premium Income Alert are taught these risk management rules, along with specific trading strategies in instructional videos available only through the members' website.

When most investors are worried about what the future may bring for their portfolios, a small number of traders are comfortably weathering the storm.

Through Premium Income Alert's time-tested, mechanically sound trading methods, program members have enjoyed the stability that credit spreads – when applied at the right moments – often bring, even when the market seems less than certain.